As I prepare to set off on my first international adventure, I am beginning an online adventure as well. Dedicated to my family and friends back home so they can experience my journey with me, and as a substitute diary so I can remember my travels when I am old and grey. As a technologically challenged individual, I am looking forward to the highs and lows that will come with undertaking such a technical task as blogging.

It will mostly be my thoughts, musings, descriptions and reviews of places I have been, people I have met and the service I have been provided. Many of you know I like to be a critic and expert on everything in my spare time, so I am looking forward to judging many things and writing reviews for my own pleasure, but I have also had some special requests from people back home…

Which brings me to the other purpose of my blog – As I have few plans during my travels, I am opening my holiday up to being ‘the people’s trip’. Inspired by Rove‘s ‘Tell us where to go’ and Hamish and Andy‘s multiple adventures on behalf of their audiences, including a ‘dream day’ in New York, I am blogging about everything you want to know about Europe.

So if you are planning a trip and want to know what a place is like first, send me there, or if you missed somewhere on your last trip and regret not going, I can check it out for you. For those that may never leave their home, I can live the dream on your behalf, or visit those long distance relatives that you will never catch up with. I would also love recommendations of your favourite places to see and things to do, so I may experience the best that Europe has to offer, including those little gems that can only come from local knowledge or someone well travelled.

Stay tuned for my epic adventure, and the longest plane ride of my life…


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